Floorplan Version 1.9.59

Released 16 January, 2019

Optimization of general features

1)Support mandatory login: Users need to login before designing.

2)Support of moving the canvas via right key in the 2-D view.

3)Support of moving via the central and right keys in the 3-D front view and bird's-eye view.

4)Support color search in the product category.

5)Display the search results in the global search section after searching for a category.

6)Locate the category of the replaced material.

7)Show the model name in the product category thumbnail.

8)Optimize the display of the Upload button of [Upload Picture]/[My Parquet].

9)Support the display of diatom ooze material.

Import of CAD underlay

1)Generate walls automatically

2)Generate doors and windows automatically

3)Hide/display an underlay


1)Optimize the navigation and style of the rendering panel.

2)Optimize the Share feature of renderings.

3)Add new features: Screening by rooms in general renderings and panoramas; top view rendering.

4)Optimize the rendering effect of a bird's-eye view.

5)Optimize the styles of rendering balloon tooltips.

Website Version 3.0.0

Released 27 Dec, 2018

New Feature - The Design Details Page of Gallery

Hey Homestylers, our gallery section has just been updated!To facilitate the showcasing of your home design projects, we just added the Design details page.This option can help you present your design in a more clear way, highlighting different aspects of your work.